Welcome to the Bent Pyramid Project

The purpose of this website is to discuss Dimensions, Inter-Dimensions and Dimensional Shifts that are possibly occurring today, at what seems to be an extremely important time in history and in our personal lives!

Dimensional Shift

Why should this term or topic have become so important at this time????? 

Part of the answer could be traced to the significant impact of the entire subject relating to the current Zodiacal change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This subject often includes references to our existing 3rd Dimension world evolving to a Higher Dimension.

This creates the following questions:

  • What is a Higher Dimension?
  • Is there an Inter-Dimensional Shift occurring now?
  • What purpose would it accomplish?
  • What is its impact on our world and on ourselves?
  • How can we know if it’s happening to us?
  • What can we do, if anything?

Another part of the answer could be related to the obvious subject of the unusual and significant events currently taking place in our world’s environment. How unusual are they? Should we be concerned about them? Are they increasing? How long will they last?

A Dimensional Shift would imply that changes are taking place. If there is really an Inter-Dimensional Shift in process, what is causing it? This then leads to the next series of questions:

  • Are there significant environmental changes going on?
  • What kind of changes?
  • What is causing the changes?
  • What is the mechanisms of the changes?
  • Where is the source of the mechanism?
  • Why are changes occurring now?

This brings us to another possible answer when we ask the following questions:

  • Were there past forecasts about this being the time of something special?
  • Is it possible that we are now, finally, taking a serious look at the many past messages about this current period of time, which will soon become part of our history?
  • Can we now take a step back and giving ourselves a broader view and perspective of past and present events?
  • Are we now correlating and combining the many diverse messages and theories into a more cohesive larger picture that makes it easier for us to understand what is happening?

Against this background, the following new information, relating to the Bent Pyramid in Egypt, should present some additional answers:

  • What is the connection between the Bent Pyramid and an Inter-Dimensional Shift?
  • What is the significance of the ancient Bent Pyramid knowledge?
  • How can we effectively use that knowledge today?
  • Why is there a need make a “modification” to a replica of the ancient Bent Pyramid in the modern world?

These are the questions that are addressed in our e-booklet The Bent Pyramid Project – A Journey into The Dimensional Shift”

One major discovery in the booklet was the important impact of having a “small replica model” of the “Modified Bent Pyramid”!

Therefore, this website has provided several options for obtaining or constructing models!

The Website Options

We are providing information in the form of a booklet entitled The Bent Pyramid Project – A Journey into The Dimensional Shift”, which can be read on-line and can be downloaded in .pdf format to your own computer free of charge (see e-Booklet in main menu above).

We are also providing additional Model Plans and Options (see main menu above) for:

  • Obtaining inexpensive versions of the Modified Bent Pyramid as 3D Models, Pendants, or Earrings. These are ordered online,  customized with your personal choice of size, material and color.
  • Downloading a picture of the Bent Pyramid
  • Downloading software for printing both the Model and Pendant on your own 3D Printer
  • Obtaining a Model Cutout Diagram or a Model Dimensions Diagram for creating your own models.

In addition, you are always welcome to use the Contact Us page to send a message with any questions you may have.