We have provided two downloadable files (on the Explore page) that you can use to make a 3D Bent Pyramid Model and/or a 3D Bent Pyramid Pendant. These files are in the industry standard .stl format. A free online .stl viewer is available at viewstl.com. If you do not have a 3D printer of your own, or are unfamiliar with 3D printing, then the information below will help you get started.

Option 1 – Local 3D printing service

If you are in a metro area there will likely be a local company that provides 3D printing services. Just do a web search for local 3D printing services. They can show you what materials and colors they have available to produce the final product, as well as scale the file to produce your desired size.

Option 2 – Online 3D printing service

Another option that you may find even easier is to go to an online 3D printing marketplace such as Treatstock.com. You can upload the file of the Model or Pendant to their site, scale it to the final size you’d like, then make your material, color and in-fill (solid %) choices. You will then receive an instant automated price quote from numerous printing services from which to choose and place your order. You can easily vary the choices to determine your desired price range.

This is an amazingly easy way to get a 3D model or pendant delivered directly to you at an extremely low price – under $10 for a Pendant and under $20 for a 4″ Model using the default PLA material in white or other basic colors. Delivery cost is also reasonable. (Note: The Bent Pyramid Project gets no remuneration or has any connection to Treatstock.com).

If using the Treatstock.com site, please note:

  • Size: The physical size of both the Model and Pendant is initially set at approximately 1″ x 1″ x .6″. To print the item(s) larger, be sure to upload only one file at a time to the Treatstock.site. When the upload is complete, you will see a “Scale” button below the small image of the item (see red-circle below). You can press that small image and a re-scale window will open to allow you to scale the file to produce the final size that you’re after. We recommend 4″ for the Model, 1.5″ for the Pendant, and 1″ for the Earrings.

  • Materials and Colors: The default material choice is PLA (polyactic acid), with a default color of white. You can choose different materials (see their material guide) and different colors on the Treatstock.com Customize Order page.
  • In-fill: This refers to how solid (in %) that the model will be. The default is 20 %. For the Pendant or Earring, request 100 % (there is no price difference from the default price). For the 4″ Model, request at least 70 % (prices will be displayed for higher in-fill percentages).